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Many may think of EDM as a man’s game. But we at RaveLife, are here to tell you that is FALSE. It is true that men out number women when it come to DJs, but that can very well change. And it will change quickly if we keep seeing talents such as: Nervo, Eva Shaw, and Alison Wonderland – just to name a few. These women and many more are around to leave their mark on electronic dance music production.

Originally, when you think of womens’ connection to the EDM industry, you may think of them in a strictly lyrical sense. Women have proven to bless our ears with some of the most beautiful voices and lyrics in various EDM songs. However, women have a much stronger connection than that. Female DJs should be viewed in a much higher capacity. They have been able to crank out some crazy musical productions. For example, NERVO’s smash hit collaboration with none other than Nicky Romero, titled “Like Home”. Do your ears a huge favor, give it a listen!



These two beautiful chicas are from Melbourne, Australia and have been heavy hitters in the EDM scene for a while. They have more than proven to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creative musical production. NERVO has topped the musical charts more than once with some of their smash hits, such as: Their collaboration with Steve Aoki and Tony Junior – Lightning Strikes. And let’s not forget their great tune –  Ready For The Weekend, made together with R3HAB, featuring Ayah Marar.



Ravers, here is a list of some more notable female DJs that are definitely worth checking the out:

  • DJ Tigerlily
  • Helena Legend
  • Krewella
  • Mija
  • Lady Bee
  • Anja Schneider
  • Anna Lunoe
  • Annie Mac
  • Nina Kraviz
  • REZZ


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