Understanding The Raver’s Way of Life

By February 12, 2017News

It is no secret that the world of EDM and raves have become highly controversial topics. Our industry has been riddled with negativity since its birth. But people will talk down on anything that they do not understand, that is just natural. The ravers way of life, or as we call it – RaveLife, is heavily misunderstood. To outsiders, we are crazy, party-animals that like to dress silly and do a bunch drugs. Granted, we do dress up in our rave outfits, and drugs are a part of the industry – which is an unfortunate aspect. That being said though, drugs are such a small part of it. And plus, drugs have been, and still are a part of any music genre, EDM is no exception to this. There is so much more than the party and drugs aspect of our way of life.

EDM is our figurative rock. We can rely on it for any mood. No matter our mood, there is a genre or song out there to satisfy our needs. That is the beauty of EDM – its versatility to satisfy our wide range of feelings, thoughts, emotions, and moods. EDM is a universal language. It speaks to everyone and brings us closer together.

EDM festivals or raves, bring people from all over together under one common goal. And that goal is that there is no goal. We do not go to raves to accomplish anything in particular. We go to get lost in the moment, and let the music take us on an unforgettable adventure, a journey of total happiness. From the moment we enter the rave all of our thoughts, fears, and worries escape us. We are at the mercy of the DJs and their musical talents. We trust in them to be be our mediums to guide us through our voyage. We drift away into song and dance not as individuals, but as one body of nature.

I am sure we have all heard of the term PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. And it may be a bit cliché, but the message behind it is true and should be applied. There is no negativity, no malicious behavior, no hate when it comes to the rave. The only sadness comes about when it is time to stop the music, shut it down, and go home. But the memories of the rave will forever be with us. One of the best aspects of EDM is what we like to call the “Raver’s Recall”. This is when we hear a song from a previous rave, and for a brief moment, we are taken back to that paradise. We are taken back to that moment when we were surround by all of our fellow ravers, all signing and dancing as one unit, and sharing in pure bliss! EDM has a powerful way of evoking past memories and emotions!

The allure of EDM is vast. Its way of helping us get lost, but at the same time finding ourselves! Its way of uniting people of all races, religions, and ways of life! Its power to evoke the happiest moments of our lives and bring us to utopia! EDM may be misunderstood for now, but sooner or later it will be fully embraced. And when that day comes, we will all come together as one for some of the best raves to ever experience.

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