“Raver’s Dilemma”

By July 2, 2016News

Raver’s dilemma – The almost certain situation, where a raver attends a given EDM festival, and the lineup schedules two of the raver’s favorite DJs at the same damn time. Ain’t that some sh*t!

So have any of my fellow ravers ever been to an EDM festival, and experienced this? I can almost guarantee, we have all experienced this. It just down-right sucks! This is one of the most frustrating situations a raver can come across. And it happens at pretty much every festival. Let’s dig a little deeper into the pain and frustration of this “raver’s dilemma”.

First off, festivals are not cheap! Ticket prices alone, are expensive. And of course, we have to factor in our rave outfits. Then factor in hotel, transportation, and other expenses – forget about it. These festival costs can get very high, very quick. But of course, that does not stop us from doing what we do. Never stop the f*cking Rave – Am I right?! #ravetothegrave

Second, these festivals make us wait all this time for a lineup to be posted. The anticipation is crazy! But it does make it fun. During this time of “raver’s purgatory”, it is the time for raver’s to network and connect on who they think will be playing at the festival. But then, once the lineup is out, we still do not even know the dates and times of the DJs sets. And this is where the problem arises.

So after putting in all the money, and waiting for the festival lineup to be released, we then find ourselves in the “raver’s dilemma”. For example, Hardwell is on at 11pm on stage 1, and Tiesto is on at 11pm on stage 2. Now this hypothetical situation may never arise, because those two are considered legends in the EDM world and festival coordinators would never be that cruel to schedule them at the same time. But if it were so, what do you do?! Hardwell or Tiesto?! Electro bangers or progressive-house killers?! To give you a little taste of these two legends, RaveLife has provided a couple of their latest releases. Needless to say, It would be a tough decision that would leave us in disarray.



The decision to ensue would wreak havoc on our minds. We just want to hear our favorite DJs. Is that too much to ask for? Well unfortunately, yes it is too much to ask for. Due to timing constraints and other factors, this situation is bound to pop up no matter what festival you attend. So RaveLife would like to know, what was your worst “raver’s dilemma”?

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