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It is that time of the year again! The time to select everyones’ favorite DJs. But how do we only chose 5 DJs when there are so many talented DJs out there? It is a very difficult task. We want to be loyal to all of our favorites but we are sure to have more than 5 favorite DJs. So if we chose one over the other, does that mean we are disrespecting that DJ who did not quite make it in the top 5? Well no, but we sure feel that way.

In the end though the DJ Mag Top 100 is purely a subjective contest. It cannot be an objective contest because every raver has there own favorite genre of EDM. It is not the end all-be all. Now it is still a great honor, that is a fact. To be named the number 1 DJ in the world is an amazing feat. That means you put out some of the dirtiest beats and sickest vibes, and provided the makings for the wildest and craziest raves! These DJs spend countless hours mastering their craft to ensure the tunes they put out are right for us. And they should all be commended for that, no matter where they land on the DJ Mag Top 100. but lets get to the list.

RaveLife’s Top 5 DJs:

5. W&W


4. Afrojack


3. Tiesto


2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


1. Hardwell


RaveLife’s Honorable Mentions:
. Blasterjaxx
. Skrillex
. Kaskade
. Axwell
. Quintino
. R3hab
. The Chainsmokers
. Armin van Buuren
. Martin Garrix
. DJ Snake

RaveLife’s Watchlist for 2017:
. Curbi
. Marshmello
. Bassjackers

I am sure we will get some back lash for our list, but that is okay. We welcome any feedback, whether it be positive or negative. So please hit us up, and let us know your own top 5 DJs. We promise not to criticize your picks.

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