DallasK – Winning The Hearts’ Of Ravers In 2016

By December 15, 2016News

As the year 2016 draws to an end, it is suffice to say that it has been a raving year for EDM. This year has been blessed with so much great music, so many crazy festivals, and so much talent. We heard so many new sounds come around, and some old sounds with a new spin on them. DJs all around the world brought out their A-game in 2016 to provide us ravers with some of the sickest beats around. Many names come to mind when thinking of some of the standout artists of 2016, but one more so than others, DallasK.

DallasK had brought the fire in 2016! He definitely threw out some awesome tunes this year. His jams of 2016 surely got ravers out on the dance floor movin’ and groovin’. It seemed as if each new track just kept getting better and better. His passion and creativity showed in all works throughout the year. We cannot say enough about DallasK. But we, along with ravers all around the world definitely appreciate his craft.

2016 was a huge year for DallasK. We cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store, surely he will not disappoint, he never does. If 2017 is anything like this past year, ravers are in for a real treat. Get ready to dance because 2017 is going to be filled tons of crazy, good music from this DJ. The talent of DallasK is momentous and the dedication is second to none, and for these reasons and many more, DallasK won over ravers everywhere.



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