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Drugs & EDM

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Unfortunately, in today’s perception drugs and EDM are almost one in the same. Drugs and EDM have practically become synonyms. It is a very saddening reality and quite honestly, a big blow to the industry as a whole. However, true…

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The Spanish Wonderboy

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Danny Avila is not called the Spanish Wonderboy for just any reason. This young, very talented DJ/producer from Madrid, Spain has been kicking out some sick beats for a while now. He has produced such songs as: “Cream” with Tujamo,…

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“Raver’s Dilemma”

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Raver’s dilemma – The almost certain situation, where a raver attends a given EDM festival, and the lineup schedules two of the raver’s favorite DJs at the same damn time. Ain’t that some sh*t! So have any of my fellow…

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